Kerala Travel Tourism

Kerala, the land that offers the most exquisite scenic splendors is an experience to last a lifetime. Every moment of holiday in Kerala move the travelers ahead in the conclusion, that Kerala's awe-inspiring scenic beauty is beyond comparison and the land is truly called, God's own country. During the honeymoon travel package to Kerala enjoy the frothy waves of the sea, splash on the white sands of the otherwise tranquil beaches.

Backwater Houseboat, Kerala

With Kerala tourism packages explore the beauty of the land sandwiched between the deep azure Arabian Sea on the west and the luxuriant Western Ghats. Relish your holiday in Kerala as the slopes covered with dense forests and plantations and the narrow coastal strip fringed with palm trees and the Kerala backwaters add memorable moments to your life.

The maze of canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers contribute to the magic of Kerala. Forty-one rivers meander through the hills and verdant plains. Countless waterfalls and rapids fill the environment with resonating sounds. Lush paddy fields sway in the cool breeze. These are just some of the treasure's of Kerala - God's Own Country.

Beaches & Backwaters of Kerala

The beaches and backwaters of Kerala can be divided into numbers of complex networks of lagoons, lakes, estuaries and canals. The backwaters of Kerala are used as a medium of transportation till date to. A cruise during the holiday in Kerala, along the limpid backwaters of Kerala in a luxury houseboat is an experience in itself. The houseboats cruise along the narrow canals and lagoons that are dotted with Chinese fishing nets. The panorama of the Kerala backwaters unfolds with waddling ducks, flying flocks of seagulls, swaying palm trees, women in canoes selling tender coconut, children swimming and fishermen preparing their boats. The houseboats make stoppages at villages for a glimpse of the traditional lifestyles or to explore monuments of historical significance.

Kathakali, Kerala
Culture of Kerala

Kerala also known as God's own country, is the land which is characterized by cultural and religious harmony. With the cultural travel packages to Kerala besides the culture of Kerala also experience the traditional art of Kerala- the mural paintings, which originated way back in the 8th century and still embellish the temples by depicting sagas of Hindu gods and goddesses. These paintings are usually very colorful and intricate.

The culture of Kerala treasures the famous classical dance called Kathakali that originated in Kerala and is exclusively performed by men. Elaborate make up, complicated headgear and colorful clothes are the integral to the performance. The dances through exaggerated gestures and expressions narrate incidences of epic battles of gods and demons.

Kerala & Ayurveda

The ayurvedic travel packages to Kerala reveal the exhaustive merits of ayurveda, the health care system of ancient India (600 BC). Ayurveda emphasizes on the harmony of mind, spirit and body. Rejuvenate your body and soul by the exclusive ayurvedic tours to Kerala that provides you several ayurvedic resorts and institutions that practice this form of alternative healing. Many of the ayurvedic therapies are effective in curing chronic ailments as well without any harmful side effects. Be cured naturally as you enjoy the tour to Kerala, by the exotic ayurvedic travel packages to the God's own country- Kerala.